"It’s rare to find an editor like Jackie, who is equally adroit at comprehending your writer’s vision and providing the external perspective and expertise that shepherds your work toward its best form. She is sharp, intuitive and generous. My book has benefitted greatly from her guidance and insight.”—Julia Smillie

WORKSHOPS: In her vibrant and secluded backyard in Northeast Los Angeles, Jackie conducts small writing workshops for writers in all genres. Students have workshopped novels, short stories, young adult, personal essays, memoir, flash fiction, poetry, television scripts, web series, and screenplays. During each session, students discuss craft, participate in a writing exercise, and receive insightful and thorough feedback on their work. Workshop sessions generally run for six weeks and are $40 per meeting. For more information and to join, please contact Jackie at jackheinze@gmail.com.

EDITING: Can't make it to workshop? Jackie also edits long and short pieces, approaching all work with attentiveness toward both overarching issues and the most minute details. As a former professional copyeditor, Jackie is a grammar guru with an impeccable eye. For exceptionally reasonable rates and availability, contact Jackie at jackheinze@gmail.com.

"In just two short months, my writing (and my confidence in it) has blossomed because of Jackie's immense support, insightful notes, and the intelligent, well-read community of people she gathers together each week. Her workshop has become my creative heaven. I feel inspired again. I am creating again. I am imagining again. And I am growing as a writer each week. Jackie brings her passion, thoughtfulness, and expertise to every class—and I'll just say it again, her notes are spot on." —Amy Cale Peterson

"Jackie's workshop is the perfect place for someone like me who felt stuck creatively and needed a nurturing environment to get going again. That, along with her sharp, insightful notes, has made it the highlight of my week." —Kevin Bernston

"Jackie is a nurturing, perceptive, and committed teacher. She believes in your writing more than you believe in your writing. She’ll find strengths in it that you didn’t even know where there, and she’ll help you draw them out. But what really sets Jackie’s workshops apart is her knack for bringing people together and creating--almost immediately--a sense of community and shared purpose. Whether you need a champion, a discerning critic, or the company of other people who are also trying to write better, you’ll find it in Jackie’s backyard." —Kristen Schroer

"Here's the thing with Jackie's workshop: You get this person you want to know, you want to be around, who is smart and witty and honest - and you see that in everything she writes and you feel proud to be aligned with such caliber. And then she turns that insight onto your work ... and you feel yourself growing, changing, being willing to try something new. Or better. Or braver. Or simpler. Jackie is a deep listener because she hears behind what you say or write, to the heart of the story, and she isn't afraid to gently yet firmly nudge you towards it. Her experience, intelligence, and deep caring about writing can lift you up. On top of it all, Jackie's workshop provides a cozy, warm setting of laughter and vulnerability. I can't think of a safer place to share your words and feel seen and heard." —Katya Lidsky Friedman

"In Jackie's tastefully appointed back patio, I got to be a better writer. I improved not only through her careful reading and insight on my own essays, but because I became a better reader for my peers by following Jackie's lead. She is direct and kind and funny and she uses her formidable mind for the good. She takes writing very seriously. Perhaps more importantly, she takes writers very seriously. And her backyard-sanctuary workshops reflect a commitment to nurturing craft through compassionate criticism and careful attention. She had also been known to provide bagels. There is no star rating that I am aware of for this process, but I want to offer my strenuous endorsement of Jackie as a person and a teacher." —Mary Birnbaum

"Jackie offers support and encouragement through her insightful notes and passionate approach to writing. In my short time attending her sessions, I have gained confidence as a writers and feel encouraged to keep going. I highly recommend Jackie's workshop for anyone looking for a unique gathering place to start or restart their creative journey!"—Stephanie Childers Roth

"Jackie is amazing! Her people are amazing. Her notes and comments are amazing (insightful, thoughtful, careful). And, she even has wine and cheese! Need I say more?" —Melissa Greenwood